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A wide range of fibers have always captivated me: Many breeds of sheeps wool, cashmere, alpaca, silk, mohair, cotton, ramie, muskox wool and dog. I delight in all thenew and unusual fibers that have become available: Bamboo, soy, milk, seaweed. For years I spun dog fur by the pound until finally one day a customer said "Whenever I look at my dog I think of you"! That was it. I had had enough! Today the focus is on spinning a variety of yarns to use in my hand weaving.



Currently I am addicted to weaving bamboo scarves. They are so soft, colorful, fun to wear in any season, and really fun to weave. I set them up 5 on one warp and do not duplicate. There is always a chane of color or pattern, so seach scarf is unique.

My other love is weaving using a specialty loom called a "drawloom". Regular looms are threaded both for structure and pattern. My drawloom is threaded for structure and pattern can be placed anywhere. On the other hand, if I really like a design, I can then set the loom to weave that design in another structure. I have been able to create amazingly detailed and intricate designs. Also, when I paint dye both the warp and weft threads, the results can be surprising


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