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The Spinning Room
                                                                 Fairbanks, Alaska

Marnie Cornwall, Bead & Fiber Artist

Beads & Beadwork

Embrace elegance with fine beadwork crafted with unique beads from around the world. I utilize my lifelong experience to create pieces designed to captivate and inspire.  

Fine Fibers

Brighten your home, office or wardrobe with handspun and/or handwoven pieces from The Spinning Room. I use my creative passion to offer high quality, unique combinations to delight the hand and eye.     

                 The Spinning Room                     Since 1975!

Proud distributer for
Schacht Spindle Co. 

Member of 2 Street Gallery

My Story

Marnie Cornwall is an original artist, specializing in working with, beads, fiber and Qiviut. Bobbin Lace and metalwork are additional areas of exploration. My true passion is integrating these diverse art forms to create one-of-a-kind pieces. I started The Spinning Room, in Fairbanks, Alaska, to showcase my work, as well as to teach and inspire others. I also offer looms and spinning wheels through Schacht Spindle.

As a passionate bead and fiber artist, I abstain from the aggressive, competitive view. My goal is to help people learn from my designs, techniques, and color sense. I hope my work can inspire others to craft their own original artwork, and to always keep exploring and learning.

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